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Welcome to the Land of the Sun
Roteiro - Maracajaú - Natal.jpg


It's possible to purchase the boat trip and other stunning itineraries here at the Terra do Sol Inn. We have partnership with licensed agencies that will make your itinerary safe and memorable!!

Roteiro Buggy Litoral Norte.jpg

North Coast Buggy

Our stunning buggy trip in Natal begins leaving the hotels, passing through many beaches and lagoons. A memorable trip.

Roteiro - Maracajaú - Natal.jpg


Come to dive in Maracajaú Parrachos on a ferry and snorkel diving.

Litoral Sul com Lagoa.jpg

South Coast with Lagoons

Stunning trip through the south coast, knowing the main touristic spots, passing through the fruits fair of Pium, Cotovelo beach, North Pirangi (Greatest Cashew on the World) with time for a visit in Búzios and Barra de Tabatinga.  



Located at 85km from Natal south coast, Pipa is considered one of the most stunning beaches in Brazil. The Pìpa trip is an opportunity to get to know the natural beauties, the gastronomy and the local typical handicrafts.

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4x4 Litoral Sul.jpg

South Coast 4x4

Indicated for all ages, the trip is realized in a 4x4 vehicle, comfortable and safe. There are 10 attractions that make each moment worth with a lot of culture, nature, curiosities and fun.

Praia de Galinhos.jpg

Galinhos Beach

Galinhos Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in RN coast, located at 160km from Natal, a small peninsula with a landscape that wonders everyone who visits. 

São Miguel do Gostoso.jpg

São Miguel do Gostoso

The São Miguel do Gostoso trip is the favorite destination for those who seek tranquility. The itinerary includes: Visit to BR 101 mark zero, break at the URCA DO TUBARÃO alembic and a beach with wide sand stripe.

João Pessoa.jpg

João Pessoa

Get to know one more capital, the João Pessoa/PB city. Rich in culture, baroque architecture preservation and historical attractions. 



With daily departures, the Rio do Fogo parrachos trip leaving Perobas, is located at 70km from Natal on the north coast, on a grove of coconut palms, fishing village, restaurants and sea shore barracks.

City Tour + mergulho em Pirangi.jpg

City Tour + Dive in Pirangi

With daily departures, an excellent opportunity to get to know the main touristic spots at Natal city and Grande Natal (Big Natal). 



Leaving the hotel we set our way towards the foothold, at the Terra Molhada complex to start the activity. The quadricycle trip in Natal starts on the border between Nísia Floresta and Paranamirim.

Genipabu de Van.jpg

Genipabu by Van

The trip in Natal with departure by van to one of the city main postcards, the Genipabu beach, stopping by the Natal Aquarium, located on the north coast.

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